Here is a list of things you can keep your children busy with.

  1. Build a cave out of the living room furniture and hide there with a flashlight and book.
  2. Fold 1000 origami cranes – or try out how many you can make.
  3. Make soap bubbles, paint with finger paints – just like in the old days.
  4. Bake muffins and lay them in front of your grandmother’s door.
  5. Make an insect hotel and put it on the balcony.
  6. Learn country flags and capitals by heart. That makes an impression!
  7. Paint and photograph a zebra/cat/cactus with carnival make-up!
  8. Research the stories behind the street names of the home district.
  9. Trace back your own family tree as far as possible.
  10. Make jam or chutney yourself.
  11. Write and perform a song about your pet or house plant.
  12. Search for change in all coat pockets and sofa seats.
  13. Watch local birds and look up their names in an encyclopedia.
  14. Translate “I love you” into as many languages as possible.
  15. Find out what has become of famous child stars.
  16. Dance
  17. Design a tattoo and paint it on with a felt-tip pen.
  18. Write a real letter on paper with pen and ink.
  19. Create shadow figures on the wall with your hands.
  20. Create a herb garden in the balcony box.
  21. Watch the sunrise.
  22. Make your own ice cream and eat it together.
  23. Have a picnic in the apartment – complete with picnic basket and blanket.
  24. Decorate a doily with a potato print.
  25. Thread a necklace of glass beads.
  26. Fold a paper boat and let it float in the bathtub or kitchen sink.
  27. Sow cress seeds on moistened cotton wool.
  28. Teach the children to cook their favourite food.
  29. Select and support a godchild from a Third World country.
  30. Find a soundproof room and scream loudly.
  31. Learn how to use chopsticks correctly.
  32. Teach the house cat to retrieve.
  33. Make a windmill.

How can you keep the kids busy?

Whether or not you work from home office or not, many of us have to keep our children busy at different times of the day. Here is a list of things you can do if you and your children can’t think of anything else to do.

keeping children busy at home

There are thousands of things to do when your thinking gets creative

Staying at home can be fun, but days are very different from each other. On some days we would rather do, on other days we just want to be.

There are a myriad of things you can do inside, I have listed a few here. But sometimes we would rather just do nothing. Especially if we had a busy week.

Doing nothing with kids isn’t an easy task. They need to have something that demands their attention without overwhelming or boring them. Devices can be great for socializing, but tend to let you feel a bit less alive after long periods of using them. When we give the kids something they need their imagination for, that even helps the growth of new brain cells. Music, stories, books and physical games can be great tools for this.